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Dorota Tylka.

Bachelor diploma. 


Major advisors : Prof.ASP. Artur Tajber & Prof.ASP. Grzegorz Bilinski

Archisfera workshop, Intermedia Department, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.

Ujków Stary 2013.



"Road" - topic which I chose is very wide. After one year of searches which began from fascination in American road myth and Beat Generation through imagery of road in art and literature, understanding road as opposition to home ( Yi-Fu Tuan, "Space and Place" ), reinterpretation of modern way of thinking about home, travel to USA (so that I could confront myself with the remains of the road myth) and turning it all into search of my own nonexisting space (Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces: Utopias andHeterotopias).  The work with the chosen location began three months before my bachelor’s defence. For most of that time I was alone, working isolated from everyday life focused only on that place and the concept of the work. Struggling with hard labour, the weather and time was the first step into my further vision and work with space which later proved to be right.


Work was planned as a two kilometres walk through space of abandoned village. On the way I situated qr codes which links to the website with thoughts and concepts gathered during my diploma journey, installations, murals, wild cinema and signs which helps viewers to find right direction ( red painted things found on place ). On website I put also my thesis possible to read at any time (only polish).




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