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Desert, Open-air workshop, may 2012, Bukowno, Poland.


Workshop took place at closed sandpit in Bukowno near Olkusz. Since 2010 students of Intermedia (Prof. ASP. Grzegorz Biliński, Archisfera workshop, ASP Cracow) have a opportunity in working with big terrain and natural environment.  


Work was constructed from five fabric made pyramids and twenty five wooden bollards which surrounded small gorge. White objects situated far from road, were well seen from distance and invited curious viewers to take long walk through desert (mirage ? ).  During the night  pyramid was to light but the fourth day unfinished installation was destroyed by vacationists. Freedom of choice in concept of work, medium and work planning gave me a lot of experience. Artist ideas without necessary technical preparation usually becomes a nightmare during their realisation. In theory everything looks simple and easy. It was a lot problems with work set up. High temperature, specific of sand terrain, struggling with badly planned objects are good lesson for everybody who wants to work with large format works and land-art.


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