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Swimmer mural made in 2012 at abandoned swimming pool in Cracow. This work move my field of interest into abandoned locations. Banished buildings have unique artistic potencial, they are open for freedom of expression and becomes a mine of information about past and present. They lead new independent life which could give you healthy distance from everyday. This short text may sound silly and links to people who take photos of beautiful girls in demolished buildings but in my case I try to do not use buildings but explore them through their history and structure. It is very easy to just flow through their unique beauty and character but many people forgets that places have first of all meaning which we should understand. Open-air swimming pool was built in 50. and until 70. was open to use. I found a lot of photographies from this place where smiling people and sportsman's spend their time in that place. After pool was closed it image totally change. Now you can capture on camera trashes, homeless people  and demolished buildings. This huge contrast remainds more then anything else about time which flows slowly but inexorably. 


Dorota Tylka

Murals made between 2012-13. Poland & US.


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